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swim aerobics, meeting, class, battling CrashPlan - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
swim aerobics, meeting, class, battling CrashPlan

This morning, I gave "J" a ride to her swim aerobics class. She was in a good mood after, as usual. "T" came along for the ride too.

From there, we went directly to our somewhat-usual, alternate-Wednesday meeting. J found it quite a bit more satisfying than some other recent meetings of the same group.

This evening, J had a class on the other side of the bridge. She spared me the driving by just asking for a ride to the nearest transit center, and taking the bus the rest of the way. She said it was a very good class, and better than she had expected.

Meanwhile, I tried to get something accomplished on the CrashPlan problem, but it was so warm in our office that I had a hard time maintaining focus, and as a result I didn't make all that much progress.

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