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gym, skipping SIFF, cooking - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
gym, skipping SIFF, cooking

This morning, I went to the gym for training, as usual. It was a good work-out, with a little more arms and shoulders than usual, and a bit less legs. After training, I did some aerobics on my own.

Training clashed with the third day of press screenings – and the only Friday press screenings scheduled this year – and although I could have made it to the 2 pm show I didn't make the effort, even though it sounds like a good film. Since there's a director appearance scheduled, it will be nice to see a regular screening, assuming the buzz is good from people who made it today. I definitely want to see today's noon screening, The Last King (Birkebeinere), which was by the director of the wonderful, Oscar-nominated 1987 film Pathfinder, even if the buzz is indeterminate.

This evening, I did a cooking experiment, making a version of beans-and-rice. I started from this recipe, with some substitutions to save time and a trip to the grocery store.

  • I substituted a can of pinto beans for the dried beans.
  • I substituted a blend of red and brown rice for the white rice.
  • I used cayenne in place of the chili powder.
  • I left out the bay leaves because they wouldn't do much without more cooking time.
  • I cooked the rice in the fancy new rice cooker "J" got us after our old one died. When that was done, I dumped everything into a large pot and stirred it up over low heat until it looked pretty nicely mixed.
The first few bites were pretty spicy; I suppose cayenne is hotter than the chili powder the recipe suggested. But once I got used to it I was pretty pleased with the results. Both J and "T" liked it too. I'm particularly pleased that J liked it, because I was mostly cooking it as a treat for her; if I had been just cooking for myself I probably would have had some sort of lazy food instead.

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