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early Mother's Day, mall, back-to-Seattle party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
early Mother's Day, mall, back-to-Seattle party

Today we celebrated Mother's Day, a day early both to make it easier to find a reservation and to allow for brunch tomorrow. My brother and his wife "M" hosted; she suggested a hot-pot restaurant. It was delicious and filling, and a long, festive meal. It was fun for everyone: them, my mother and father, "J" and I, and "T".

Afterwards, J and I took T to a busy mall. He enjoyed it quite a bit; I don't think he's ever been to that particular mall before.

In the late afternoon, maybe early evening, we went to pick up "N" at her place, and gave her a ride to a party. "D" recently returned to Seattle from Hawaii, and invited friends to his place to catch up and eat dinner. Afterwards, we gave N a ride home, then went home ourselves.

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