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SIFF planning brunch, park hike - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
SIFF planning brunch, park hike
Today was a special version of the usual Sunday brunch. Instead of just food and conversation, the plan was to discuss what to see at this year's Seattle International Film Festival, which starts soon (and has already started for those who attend press screenings). Both "J" and "T" passed; the multiple overlapping conversations are a bit too much noise for them. In addition to regulars – me, "C", "M", "N", and another "J", occasion participants "W", yet another "J", and "D" were there. It was a nice afternoon, and I at least got started on SIFF.

Instead of brunch, J and T went to Discovery Park and had a good long hike. To save me a long detour, they took a bus downtown; I picked them up there, and we all returned home. Everyone had a pretty nice day.

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