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9/24 - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
This morning, "J" and started with breakfast at our hotel in Kittery Maine.

Next on the agenda, we went to her parents' house, a few towns away. There we spent time with her sister "C" and their father "R" and mother "L".

The reason for scheduling the visit now, as opposed to some other date, is that L was celebrating a birthday with lots of guests invited (about 45 made it, J told me). C hosted the party. A quirk of the party is that it was a women only event.

It was nice spending time with J's family. Unfortunately, C was only visiting for today, because she couldn't spare much time away from her family in New Jersey.

Around the time when J, C, and L left for the party, R had a visitor, I think someone interested in his antique shop.

I probably could have hung around until R returned, but I had an errand. J had asked me to pack her headphones, and I mistakenly packed her good old headphones, not her fantastic new ones. I had even noticed that they didn't fit very well into the case for the new ones, but J didn't jump to the conclusion that I was packing the wrong ones. We only discovered the mistake when J tried to use them last night.

That in itself would not have been a problem; the old headphones are good. The problem was that the old ones use a Mini-USB charging cable, the small "D"-shaped connector most commonly used with old flip phones and "candy bar" phones. Although I had packed a bunch of charging cables, I had not packed a Mini-USB cable – thus the need for an errand.

So, J and I did some phone research to find a place that still stocks Mini-USB, and found a box store in New Hampshire. An employee told me they had them for $5 to $50 or more, depending on length and other details, and that they were in stock.

Unfortunately, the only J cable they actually had in stock when I got there (after a long but easy drive into New Hampshire) was $15, triple the cheapest price mentioned on the phone. I bought it anyway.

The return trip to the in-laws' house was an odyssey. I looked for a no-toll route on my phone, and it showed me a route that disagreed with road signs


Back to the in-laws'grandparents

Mix up about the location

Drive back to New Hampshire

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