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another price match - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
another price match
Today I needed more moisture barrier for the floor project, I might have been able to stretch what I had left to cover the west bedroom closet, but I still have the north bedroom, master bedroom, and their closets, so buying a whole roll isn't going to leave a huge amount of excess. And besides, "J" had an errand close to the big box home improvement store where I get the moisture barrier, so it's not a special trip.

We went to the store for the moisture barrier, and I noticed that the price was up quite a bit from last time I bought it. I did a web search and found that Sears had it for roughly the old price. Inconveniently, it's an order for pick-up product, not a stocked item, and I wanted it right away. I took the roll of moisture barrier to the cashier and asked about price matching.

The cashier said they do, but had to check the other price. I showed my phone, and made sure it was the same product. He put in a price match override, and it didn't just grant a match, it beat the other price. I got the stuff from Home Depot today for less than the Sears pick up later price.

So, it's another price match success. Maybe it's a good idea in general to check for better prices on-line, and ask for a match to avoid the drive.

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