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brunch, documentary shorts - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, documentary shorts
Today, "J" and I both went to brunch. All of the most frequent six people were present. We managed to avoid the dreary subject of national politics through most of the brunch. If we had a swear jar for straying into the topic, I would be the one owing. The topic had been farmers' market foods, and I brought up how crops were rotting in fields due to immigrant labor shortages.

2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Documentary
Don't miss!

After brunch, we went to the Sundance Cinema, which is playing the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts. This year's crop really strong. See them! The Sundance Cinema is a bit on the expensive side, but it has really comfortable seats.

These are the films:

  • Joe's Violin — A film that looks like it started as a self-promotion for a charity program to encourage people to donate unused musical instruments to schools grew into a nomination-worthy story about a Holocaust survivor's violin going to an adolescent girl who genuinely appreciated the history behind the gift.
  • Extremis — A doctor who has resisted the burnout that seems likely to afflict those in her department counsels two patients who aren't likely to recover, and their families, about their options.
  • 4.1 Miles — A Greek Coast Guard captain rescues refugees from the Syrian war when their boats run into trouble between Turkey and Greece. J and I both thought this was the best film in the set, but they're all admirable.
  • Watani: My Homeland — Survivors of the Syrian war seek a new life somewhere else after the father disappears.
  • The White Helmets — The "White Helmets" are the volunteer search-and-rescue organization that responds to the daily disasters caused by air strikes and artillery in the Syrian war. It could have benefited from a bit tighter editing, but it was good.

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