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a book reading, opening night at Noir City - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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a book reading, opening night at Noir City
This morning, as usual, I started the day by giving "T" a ride to school. Later in the morning, our friend "K" visited for a while; "J" had invited her, but we both enjoyed her company.

In the afternoon, "L" came to visit T, shortly before he returned from school. They got along well, as usual.

In the evening, J and I went to a book reading at the Ravenna Third Place Books. The author, Anne McTiernan, was J's former boss; the book was a memoir of her childhood that J had already finished reading. The chapter A chose was about her first job, at age 13, as a waitress at a doughnut shop in Boston. People in that part of the US can probably guess which doughnut store it was.

Late in the evening, J and I went on to the Uptown for opening night of Noir City Seattle. We had missed the first film, The Asphalt Jungle, to attend the reading, but had plenty of time for the second film, Criss Cross. It's a good thing we had plenty of time too, because Noir City is playing at the Egyptian, not the Uptown. Thanks to the long break between the reading and the film, we made it to the film with enough time to get our favorite seats and buy some popcorn.

The theater was unpleasantly warm, particularly given that I was dressed up in my film noir outfit: a suit jacket and pants, a film-themed necktie, and a 1940s-style hat. I took off the hat and jacket soon after settling into my seat, and almost forgot the hat when we were leaving. The film was something of a disappointment too, mostly because the female lead's acting performance wasn't good enough to make her convincing as the motivation for the plot.

Even so, we had fun at the film, seeing a lot of our usual SIFF friends and acquaintances, and generally enjoying an evening out.

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