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"5/4 Ring Tone": copyright pending - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
"5/4 Ring Tone": copyright pending

This evening I applied for my first registered copyright.

I faced some initial frustration with the registration process; the site didn't like the passwords I tried to use. Eventually, I figured out that its prohibition on repeated characters applied even if the repeated characters were separated by special characters. Picky, picky.

Although my main artistic pursuit – other than the occasional serious movie review here – is screenwriting, this copyright was not a screenplay. However, it is a work that resulted from a screenplay. I wrote a short film script last year, and decided that because it has no dialog, the music would be very important to making the short film work.

So, I learned how to write music and started composing a score. After writing one good piece of music (and several bad pieces) for the score, I realized that I wouldn't know how long each score element would need to be until I had an edited version of the film, or at least a storyboard animation.

However, around that time a frequent annoyance was hearing my phone's ring tone, answering my phone, and realizing that lots of people used the same ring tone. So, I abridged the good piece of music, arranging it to be loud enough through phone speakers in my pocket to get my attention. And thus I had a unique ring tone.

After reading numerous copyright questions on-line, I decided that if I registered my copyright to the tune, I'd be able to show off my work more broadly, while still protecting the tune for possible future use with the short film.

The title to the piece is "5/4 Ring Tone" – not a very creative title, but it's descriptive. Of course, if I write another ring tone tune in 5/4 time, I'll have to think of a clever new title. "5/4 Ring Tone #2", maybe?


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