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political speeches - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
political speeches

Today was mostly routine, but in the afternoon "J" had a meeting in Kirkland. She didn't expect to be there so long that I could go home and return to pick her up again, so I refueled the car (which was pretty low) and got her a mocha. For the rest of the meeting, "T" and I just hung around waiting in the car.

This evening, I listened to the address to the joint session of Congress, which apparently wasn't categorized as a State of the Union address. The speech was uncharacteristic of the Orange Peril's usual style. It started out with a denunciation of racist attacks that sounded almost sincere. Although a number of the statements were misleading facts, they were mostly not outright lies. His advisers must have really worked hard to get him to stay on-message.

The Democratic response by former Kentucky governor Steve Beshear was really strong. He's a folksy guy – maybe too folksy to seem credible in some places – but his message was solid. If he stays in the public eye, he might be a contender for the 2020 nomination – except that he's 72 years old. But I hope he stays in the public eye to keep up the message that he presented in his speech.

I didn't listen to the second Democratic response. My Spanish is too rusty, and the local NPR station didn't broadcast it anyway. But it seems to have been well-received by those who heard it.


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