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vacuum cleaner, ISP down time - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
vacuum cleaner, ISP down time
Much of the day was according to routine, such as taking "T" to and from school.

This afternoon, "J" suggested that I try to get our vacuum cleaner fixed. I knew that its beater-bar belt was broken, but that's not a take-it-in-for-service sort of problem, just a do-it-yourself replacement that we couldn't do because we either don't have a spare belt or don't know where it is. However, she had observed that the accessory hose had a rip, and when I got it out of the car I also noticed that its wheels were no longer securely attached to the bottom. So I took it into the shop.

The guy said that it had too much broken to be worth shop time to fix. They might even not be able to order a new hose or new bottom plate (which is what the wheels attach to). The guy gave me a pitch on a fancy new vacuum, which looked like an awfully good one, but because we have a couple of back-ups (and the bamboo floors are easy enough to clean with a broom), I didn't want to spend $550 on the new one no matter how good it is.

Later, we noticed that our internet wasn't working at home. Based on the down-time for my weather station, it failed some time after 2:28 pm, probably within five minutes after. In the evening, I phoned Frontier about it, and had to wait 12 minutes on hold, by which point we were out on another errand. The guy at the other end said that he needed to know the serial number for my router. I thought that was a pretty silly question, given that the company had provided the router when I switched from DSL to fiber, because it should have been in their records. He advised me to phone back when I got home.

This evening, after returning from the errand, I phoned Frontier again, and was connected with a tech support woman as soon as I got through the phone menu. She asked me which router lights were on; some were green, but the globe icon was blinking red very slowly. She advised me to unplug the router's power and wait. She did something on her end – I could hear her typing – and then asked me to plug the router back in. She asked about the lights again, and the glove icon blinked red for a moment, then green, then off, then blinked green rapidly. She said I should be connected, but I went to the computer to be sure. Traceroute showed a live connection to the DNS server at, so all was well. I thanked her, pleased that she knew how to resolve the problem correctly.

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