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dress rehearsal, photo hardware problem, pasta - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
dress rehearsal, photo hardware problem, pasta

This afternoon "J" and I went to Bellevue to pick up my father. From there we went to the same building where J and I used to work for a dress rehearsal of her presentation. She had to trim it somewhat, because we were squeezing an hour-and-a-quarter presentation down to a one-hour lunch, but it went pretty well. About five people showed up for the test audience, and gave feedback on how J and "A" (J's co-presenter) did with the presentation. I shot video so J and A could see how they looked.

My main Compact Flash card reader is dying. It works sometimes, but it seems to work less and less often. I have a back-up reader, but it's really slow, around 1 Mbps, which takes several hours to read the 12.1 GB of video I just recorded. I ordered some new ones when I discovered that it was dying, but they're still on their way.

This evening J and I had a tasty pasta dinner, and shared it with "T". We all enjoyed it enjoyed it quite a bit.

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