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video editing - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
video editing

Today I spent some more time working on video editing. It's taking time partly because I had to learn more about the software, and partly because there is a lot to do. The first phase was to get the raw video from the camera, the raw audio from my phone, convert the audio from the phone's format to .WAV, and synchronize the audio and video. That's all done.

The second phase – the way I'm doing it, at least – is to look and listen through all of the video and audio and tag it. Is the video clear, out of focus, spoiled by camera movement (when I'm switching between speakers), or spoiled by people blocking the view? Is the audio good, noisy, or a pause for the flaky Powerpoint clicker? If it's good, who is speaking, "J", "A", an audience member during the question and answer section (which I'm not close to yet)? I'm a few minutes into this phase.

The next phase will be to sort through the marked clips from the two days of presentation, and take the best material from each. I mostly expect to use the second day, using the first day only to fill in material that may have been missed on the second. I'm planning to do just the introduction at first, so I can put it on-line as a place-holder while I work on the rest, then get back to the rest.

The final phase will be actually posting it to Youtube in a channel I created for the purpose. It's likely to be long enough to count as a documentary feature. Because Youtube doesn't let regular people post videos longer than 15 minutes, I'll have to post it in segments. But that will probably make it easier for people to view in bite-sized pieces anyway.


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