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plant sale, sheep shearing festival - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
plant sale, sheep shearing festival
This morning, I dropped "J" off at a garden that was having a special plant sale, with hopes that she wouldn't buy so many plants that we'd run out of space to plant them.

Later, I went to Bellevue, and my father and I took "T" to a farm that was having a giant festival (3000 people estimated), which included the spring sheep-shearing. I had never seen sheep sheared in person before (just in movies), and found it interesting. T was less impressed.

After the festival and dropping my father off, we went to meet J at the garden. She hadn't bought too much. We still had time to make it to our favorite diner, so we indulged in a nice brunch.

During the rest of the day we were all pretty worn out, so we relaxed instead of trying to get more of something noteworthy (like video editing) accomplished.


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