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very early drive, press screening buzz, weather emergency - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
very early drive, press screening buzz, weather emergency
This morning, much too early for our usual sleep schedule, I gave "J" a ride to a conference near the airport. I was pretty exhausted for much of the day as a result, and missed out on all three of today's SIFF press screenings.

Update: I heard buzz about the press screenings later.

  • Food Evolution was generally described as a winner, and gave both the science and natural factions fair opportunity to make their cases. The natural faction looked like fools, except when criticizing business practices of the food science corporations.
  • Buzz about Chavela didn't give me much of a hint for or against the film.
  • Almost everyone who expressed an opinion about Lemon seemed to regard it as wasted time.

I spent a fair amount of the day working on video editing, as usual recently.

Later in the day we had unusual weather: a thunderstorm with very heavy rain. Seattle is reputed to get a lot of rain, but most of the rain comes in the form of extended periods of very light mist; total precipitation is surprisingly light. But this was an exception, such heavy rain that the gutters on my house were overflowing, threatening to flood my garage. I climbed up a ladder and scooped a winter's worth of leave from the rain gutters, and cleared away enough of the gunk to allow the rain to flow into the down-spouts, into pipes that lead to storm drains. I was soaked and filthy, and the driveway was a mess of decomposing leaves, but my garage didn't flood.

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