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appointment, three SIFF press screenings - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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appointment, three SIFF press screenings
This morning "J" had an appointment, which conflicted with the first press screening. I dropped her off there, parked up the hill from the theater, and walked down the hill. J took the bus to join me after the appointment, in time for the second and third press screenings.

We also heard some additional buzz about yesterday's press screenings:

  • Food Evolution was generally well-received, but although it tried to take a balanced approach, the quality of the pro-science interviewees (compared to the anti-GMO interviewees) made the latter look pretty incompetent.
    (Although I haven't seen the film, I have an opinion on the topic: GMOs themselves are usually benign and beneficial, but the businesses that create and license GMOs have a lot of monopolistic and otherwise malicious business practices.)
  • Chavela was, according to just about everyone who saw it, a winner. (Yesterday's buzz was indeterminate.)
  • Lemon was mostly said to be a dud. Or, in the words of some, it was "a lemon".

Today's 10 am film was Ethel & Ernest, an animated film based on a graphic novel. Instead of superheroes and other typical graphic novel fare, the story illustrated the life of the author-artist's parents from the 1920s until the 1970s. It was sweet and delightful.

The noon film was A Dragon Arrives!, which is a weird, wonderful spectacle from Iran. It has the best soundtrack I can recall in several years. The visual style is wonderful (and reminds me of The Fall quite a bit). The story is weird and often mystifying to the audience, but it's fascinating and held my attention throughout. I think I figured out most of it, but I don't think I needed to understand it all to enjoy it.

The 2 pm film was The Bloom of Yesterday, a German comedy centered around a Holocaust historian and the intern he ends up stuck with. Who would expect a comedy about that? It was quite fun.

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