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SIFF planning brunch, Sunday farmers' market - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
SIFF planning brunch, Sunday farmers' market
loading zone, except Sunday This afternoon I went to Sunday brunch, but not quite as usual. I parked by the brunch restaurant, and got a spot almost directly in front of the door, thanks to a sign like the image at right, which are more often vacant than other spaces because people don't always read the Sunday exception in the small print.

However, "J" had requested tomato starts from the farmers' market, and she stayed home today. So, I walked to the market before joining the brunch group. A farmer sold me a cherry tomato variety named "coco sprinkles", which he said was quick to mature, and as tasty as a full size tomato.

I returned to the restaurant and joined the group. "M" was absent, but there was the regular "J", an occasional "J", the regular "N" and "C", the occasional "W", and visiting from Hawaii for SIFF, "D". The theme for today's brunch was reading the freshly released SIFF film guide booklet and discussing the scheduled films. We chose the location, Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai, because it's usually neither crowded nor noisy on Sundays. The food was good too.

In the evening I went to Bellevue to pick up "T", who was visiting my parents. We had salmon burgers for dinner.

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