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appointments, two SIFF press screenings, experimental recipe - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
appointments, two SIFF press screenings, experimental recipe
This morning "J" had an interview scheduled at a coffee shop. I dropped her off, ran another errand, and returned. The woman she was supposed to meet had failed to show up, even though J had sent e-mail and tried to phone to try to track her down.

Later, the other woman finally contacted J. Apparently she had been in the same place, but failed to notice J, even with a picture, a description, and several call. Weird.

That failed interview prevented us from attending the first SIFF press screening of the week, Nowhere to Hide. The buzz from the people who saw it was that it was depressing, but very good. They rescheduled.

Late in the morning, J had an appointment, which went well.

Meanwhile, I went to the noon film, Gholam, about an Englishman who had settled in the UK. Most of the film was a study of the tedious life of an immigrant struggling to get by. The dramatic conclusion wasn't worth the wait. J got lucky missing it.

The 2 pm film was Hedi, about a Tunisian with a comfortable but dull middle class job, and soon to be married. He'd rather be an artist. The story was moderately engaging, and an emotional scene involving his brother elevated it from a mild thumbs down to a marginal thumbs up.

Rather than joining me for the 2 pm film, J went home. She had a visit from her friend "K", who has a nice, new-to-her car to show off.

While I was on the way home, J started cooking. She made an experimental recipe, a Korean wrap sandwich made with seitan, lettuce, rice, and a couple of delicious sauces. It was a real winner; we'll make it again, though possibly simplifying a few of the steps.

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