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a secret film - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
a secret film
SIFF's capsule summary (from last year, because they don't have one for this year): "The Secret Festival is exactly what it says-all screenings are secret. What we can tell you is that you need to purchase a special Secret Festival pass to attend the screenings that occur on the four Sundays of the festival at 11 am sharp."
SIFF link (also from last year): Secret Festival

This wasn't technically part of the usual Secret Festival; rather than being a special ticket thing, it was a special-invitation screening for people who happened to donate to SIFF on "Give Big" day.

The film was introduced by several SIFF people – who didn't have to go far to do so, since the SIFF Film Center is right inside the SIFF offices.

5 Fair According to the rules of Secret Festival, which apply to this screening too, I can't say what the film was. Although I understand why the programmers who selected it liked it, I can't say I liked it much myself.

Languages: I'm not telling.

Rating: I'm not telling.

Screening: 4 pm, SIFF Film Center.
Audience: about 20, about 100 seats (posted capacity).

Snacks: popcorn on the house.

Ads: none; several SIFF staff members (including Acting Artistic Director Beth Barrett) provided announcements.

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