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three press screenings, more work on the secret project - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
three press screenings, more work on the secret project
Just like yesterday, I went to three SIFF press screenings, and "J" missed the first two due to an appointment.

The 10 am film was Tea Pets, a Chinese film about tea pets that come to life like the toys in Toy Story. (Although the Wikipedia article mentions a tea pet named "pee pee boy", I don't recall such a character in the film.) The film started with a nice introduction, then some mayhem I found rather pointless, and finally settled into a solid adventure. It's made for kids, but still adult-friendly. I rate it very good; if there had dived right into the substance after the exposition it would have been excellent, but kids probably won't mind the lively digression.

The noon film, The Man, is a Danish film about a talented graffiti artist who visits his father, who is a talented and commercially successful artist. The son's visit seems meant to prove to the father that graffiti is real art too, and that the father is a jerk. Message to the son: you're just as much a jerk as your father, particularly when you seduce your father's mistress. J was lucky she missed this one. I rate it lackluster.

The 2 pm film, The Paris Opera, was pretty much a conventional opera about some period of time at the Paris Opera, focusing in part on a very talented, charismatic, young Russian singer. If it told a clear story, I missed it, but the music was nice. I rate it fair.

Again like yesterday, I did some more work on my secret creative project.

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