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three press screenings - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
three press screenings
Today both "J" and I were able to make it to all three SIFF press screenings. That was nice.

The 10 am film, Finding KUKAN, was about a search by a documentary film-maker in Hawaii to recover the first recipient of the Academy Award for best documentary (in 1941), Kukan, which the Academy believed was lost. It was a film about the Japanese oppression of China during the early years of World War II. The film was credited to an acclaimed (male) photojournalist, but the driving force behind the film was a Chinese-American woman, who received no major credit for the film. The film is a fascinating detective story that makes me want to see Kukan. I rate it excellent.

The noon film, Weirdos, was another winner. It's the story of two 15-year-old best friends in Nova Scotia, a shy boy and an outgoing girl, and the boy's imaginary friend Andy Warhol, who counsels him from time to time. It's hard to say much more about the film without spoilers, but I really enjoyed it, and even J (who usually dislikes coming-of-age movies) loved it. I rate it excellent.

The 2 pm film, Struggle for Life, is a French-language comedy – which at SIFF is almost always good news. In this case it wasn't. This Belgian film is slapstick comedy, and I laughed a lot in spite of quite a few cringe-worthy scenes. I rate it almost good, and would count it as a guilty pleasure at best; J disliked it and I understand her opinion.

In the evening, I finally completed my seemingly-interminable secret creative project, which I'll be showing off tomorrow.

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