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SIFF Saturday party, films - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
SIFF Saturday party, films
Today, "J" and I went to a party that I think she found through a Meet-up group. It was all the way out in Sammamish – quite a drive – but the people were nice and welcoming to us. The house was nice, and set up well for the party.

This evening, I went to the 5:30 pm showing of The Wedding Party at the Uptown. It was an entertaining Nigerian film with an assortment of subplots – a lot relating to class differences. The acting wasn't consistently good, and some of the plots were a bit melodramatic, but I generally enjoyed it.

After the film, I headed over to the SIFF Saturday night party for this week, at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It's a nice spot for a party, and the catering was good.

I think I'll head over to the Egyptian for the midnight movie, Bad Black. I'm not sure I have the energy for a midnighter, but it looked like a lot of "so bad it's good" fun from the trailer that I'll give it a shot.

Update: I made it to Bad Black, walking over with occasional Sunday brunch participant "P". The opening presentation, featuring one of the stars – in character as "commando Jesus" through part of the introduction – was hilarious. There were a lot of trailers from other films by the same people, and some funny stories. But I was too sleepy to make it all the way through the movie. P decided to bail about the same time I did, so I accompanied her most of the way back to her home, then continued on the long, long walk back to the Mercer Garage where I had parked before The Wedding Party. I didn't get home until really late.

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