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films and brunch - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
films and brunch
This morning, "J" and I got up early-ish to go to the first Secret Festival film curated by Beth Barrett. We were excited. The film was good. But I can't say what it is, due to the Secret Festival policy.

I also saw the drama Beach Rats, about a young man just starting to acknowledge that he's gay. His friends are a bunch of jerks who aren't interested in much besides getting stoned or drunk, ideally with the main character providing the intoxicants. His acting performance was very good, but I didn't much like the film.

We met up for Sunday brunch as usual; "C" was absent, I think due to a conflicting movie. The food at the Thai restaurant was as good as ever, but our server was a new employee, who was really slow, particularly at figuring out how to ring up our bill.

I gave J a ride to a music documentary, already in progress. I think it was Bill Frisell, a Portrait. She planned to follow it with another documentary, 8 Days 8 Borders, which she later said was very good. I had intended to go to one film also, but missed out because the restaurant was so slow.

Meanwhile, "T" went to Bellevue and had a great day. J and I picked him up at my grandparents' place later in the day and gave him a ride home.

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