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two press screenings - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two press screenings
This morning, "J" needed help with her injured ankle just as I was getting ready to leave for the 10 am press screening, A Date for Mad Mary. By the time I was ready to go it was too late to make it to the film. I was annoyed, because from the description it sounded like the most promising one today.

As I was getting ready to leave for the noon film, J helped me keep track of time, which was nice, but I still had quite a run to the theater from the parking.

The noon movie, The Last Animals, was about endangered species trade, focusing on the nearly extinct northern white rhinoceros and elephants. The film avoided a fault of some documentaries about subjects that make the audience angry: it offered some hope along with the outrage. It was very good.

The 2 pm film, Person to Person, was pretty close to a complete waste of time. See my review for more details.

Although the documentary was good, it seems I missed the real highlight of the day, the 10 am film Mad Mary, which everyone I talked to said was a winner. Maybe I will see it in a regular screening.

In the late afternoon, J had an appointment, so I had to help her with that. She treated me (and "T") to a nice lazy food dinner to return the favor.

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