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three press screenings, computer to the shop - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
three press screenings, computer to the shop
We went to all three press screenings today. The 10 am film was Mellow Mud, a Latvian drama about a high school girl who is somewhat adrift because her mother had moved to England, until she discovers an English language contest with a trip to London as the grand prize. It's very good, and the lead actress is excellent.

Because the first screening was rather long, the second film didn't start until 12:10 pm instead of the usual noon start time. It was The Reagan Show, a collection of archival film and video illustrating the made-for-television performance of President Reagan. It does a good job of illustrating the way image mattered more to Reagan than governance, but didn't do much to show the corruption and destructive policy behind the scenes. I rate it almost good, since its goal was to focus on the image side.

The 2 pm film, Roberto Bolle: The Art of Dance, included a lot of beautiful dance video, and a lot of impressive scenery, but if it told a story I missed it. I rate it fair.

My main computer, "Rivendell", started acting strangely a few days ago, and finally ceased functioning altogether. My best guess is that the on-board video card died, since the screen was flickering in a strange way as a hint that it was dying. I took it in to the shop before they closed for the day. The sign said that they had a two to three day wait list before work starts, which isn't a problem for me because I'm too busy with SIFF to do anything that requires the desktop; I can make do with my phone and slow old laptops in the meantime.

In the evening, I gave "J" and her friend "M" a ride to a get-together with their friends. ("T" came along for the ride.) They had a good time.

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