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two films and a party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two films and a party
This afternoon, a film "J" and I wanted to see played at Lincoln Square in Bellevue: Black Code. As kind of an establishing shot to illustrate the physical infrastructure of the Internet, the film started with a visit to a server farm in a huge underground bunker in Sweden, but most of the film was an assortment of cases where governments have monitored citizens' Internet activity. The story of Brazilian activists fighting back against the government repression was most interesting. The film had a lot of great material that it presented, and it wasn't organized as well as it could have been. I rate it almost good.

From there, we went to Pacific Place for The Little Hours. It was a packed house, drawn by a cast of Saturday Night Live alumni and funny previews. But the film itself was rather disappointing; and although the humor was just as lowbrow as the previews promised, it wasn't as funny. The question-and-answer session afterwards was interesting; the writer-director said that it was based on a story from the 14th century collection of novellas The Decameron. (Specifically, it's based on Day 3, Tale 1 – see the Project Gutenberg transcription and search for the second occurrence of "Masetto da Lamporecchio".) I rate it almost good, because although it's not a great film, it will likely please most people who go to a film looking for lowbrow humor about naughty nuns.

After the film, J and I went to the Seattle Art Museum for a party. The food was good, and we talked with a fair number of fun people we know, and even a few fun people we didn't previously know. There were even a couple of people there dressed in nun costumes, to go with the theme of the film that the party officially celebrated. (People can buy tickets to party films without party admission, and one can also attend the party without seeing the associated films, but SIFF also offers the parties and party films as bundles.) The party also granted admission to at least some of the museum, which was a nice little bonus.

Conceived a short film plot walking back to the car J's ankle wasn't up to the task of walking all the way back to where I had parked (near the Egyptian), so I left the party early enough to make it there before the party wound down. While I was walking up the hill and driving back, she indulged in browsing the museum.

While I was walking back up the hill to the car, I had a few stops for crosswalks, and read my phone while I waited. At one of those stops, I composed a text to J, and after sending I looked up and noticed that the crosswalk light had not only changed to the white "walk" symbol, it was already counting down toward the reddish "don't walk" symbol. I rushed across before it counted all the way down, and a woman who had also been playing with her phone noticed me crossing, and rushed across too. She even commented to me that she only noticed that the crosswalk light had changed because she saw me hurrying. That inspired a one-minute short film that I transcribed into a screenplay at the next couple of crosswalk waits – so I wrote an entire screenplay while walking from the museum to the parking lot.

While J and I were out, "T" had a visitor: our friend "K". We got the impression that they both enjoyed the evening too.

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