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three films and Sunday brunch - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
three films and Sunday brunch
This morning, "J" and I went to Beth Barrett's second Secret Festival as Acting Artistic Director of SIFF. Her previous one was good, so we were primed for more goodness. She delivered; this was a great Secret Festival selection. I wish I could tell what it was, but that's against Secret Festival policy. But whatever the film was, I recommend it.

After the secret film, we went to meet friends with our usual Sunday brunch group. It was a pleasant break in the middle of the day, as usual.

Later in the afternoon, J and I went to the Shoreline College theater for two features: Rocketmen (and a short) and A Date for Mad Mary, both of which had good buzz. Also, we were curious about whether the Shoreline location was a good SIFF venue. It was a really nice place; although it was optimized for stage, it worked well for film too.

Rocketmen itself was very entertaining. The Rocketmen of the title are the employees of an early Cold War program meant to counter Soviet Rocketmen the risk of giant robots. The bureaucracy that supported it was forgotten, and the program persists to the present, essentially unknown to everyone except its employees – until a dramatic incident. The film features a lot of Seattle locations, and lots of retro-silly effects. I rate it very good.

A number of people associated with the film were present, and they did a fun question-and-answer session. I tried to audio-record the Q-and-A, but I haven't checked whether the recording worked.

Before Rocketmen, the short film Haskell screened. The title character had a form of short-term precognition, and the story ran into some of the same types of paradox problems that cause problems with time travel stories. Acting and other production values were very good, but it couldn't overcome the story's problems. I rate it fair. The director was present for a Q-and-A.

The next film at Shoreline was A Date for Mad Mary, which we had missed at press screenings. The title character was invited to a wedding, without the customary "plus one" because the bride couldn't imagine Mary finding a date. That's a premise with plenty of comedy potential, and it delivers – and the dramatic side of the story was surprisingly strong too. I rate the film very good.

While J and I were out at our SIFF fun, "T" was in Bellevue. So before heading home, we stopped at my parents place to pick him up. He had fun there, so it was a good day for all of us.

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