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"Composing for and against Expectation" and a compliment - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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"Composing for and against Expectation" and a compliment
SIFF's capsule summary: "A panel discussion on when to score a scene to empower the action or emotional undercurrents, and when to score against that expectation. Panelists will include composers working in film, transmedia, advertising, and video games.

Panelists: Guy Whitmore, Ron Jones, Sammy Applegate, and Susan Maughlin
Moderator: Brad Hawkins"
SIFF link: Composing for and against Expectation

I've dabbled in composing a bit lately, with particular thoughts of composing for film, so anything with a film composing theme grabbed my interest.

There were four panelists, each with a slightly different take on composing; one in particular composed mainly for video games. The discussion was fairly interesting, and I made an attempt to audio-record it, but I'm not sure whether I recorded anything worthwhile. (I haven't even listenedto it to check.)

A compliment

I had a moment of pride at the event. The panel discussion had just finished, and my phone rang. I noticed a guy looking at my phone, so I let it play the ring tone a bit longer than necessary.

The guy said, "I like that."

I replied, "Thanks. I wrote it."

I think that's the first compliment I've received from a stranger on my ring tone composition – and it happened at an event targeted at film (and video game, etc.) composers and people interested in composing. Even if the guy who complimented me was a novice composer (or hasn't even started trying), he's still more attentive to composing than most people.

Time and place: 3:45 pm, SIFF Lounge at the Pan Pacific Hotel.
Attendance: about 20 people.

Snacks: assorted snacks from SIFF Lounge.

Notes to myself:

SIFF statistics: 47 films (46 features, one short), 46 slots (including this panel), four parties. ("J": 27 features and one short, three parties.)

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