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two press screenings - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two press screenings
This morning, "J" and I decided to skip the 10 am press screening, The Landing. A mockumentary in SIFF's "WTF" category just didn't sound as good as a relaxed morning.

The noon press screening, Zoology, is a Russian film about a middle-aged woman who inexplicably grows a tail, and develops a relationship with the X-ray technician who images her tail. I found the film weird in a good way, and J was a bit disappointed, but the best brief summary was by "H", a fellow "Fool", who described it as "a strange tale."

The 2 pm film was What Lies Upstream, a documentary about a chemical spill in West Virginia, which was aggravated by government collusion with corporate polluters. One interesting point that it raised is that the main reason that the West Virginia chemical spill was detected at all (other than by people starting to get very sick) is that the chemical made the water smell like licorice. (The smelly chemical doesn't actually seem to be the main source of illness, but there were a lot of other chemicals mixed in with the spill.) Although the film had a lot of good information, it didn't tie it all together as well as the director's previous film, Terms and Conditions May Apply; I rate it almost good.

In the evening, I went for a walk with "T", and on a whim I knocked on the door of a neighbor's house, because I had seen his SCUBA gear hanging out to dry on a few occasions. I asked him for advice on where to go to get SCUBA certification, and he was very welcoming and helpful.

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