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two films and a party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two films and a party
This morning, "J" made us a treat: waffles with her special recipe. Usually, when she makes them, she makes the batter and the waffles for immediate consumption, and I make the extra waffles for the freezer, but this time she even made the freezer extras. They were as delicious as usual.

This afternoon, "L" visited, mostly to see "T". She's a cheerful person, and always welcome.

We saw two films today. The first was a 3:30 pm screening of the Russian film Ivan, about a pilot working as an ambulance driver because he's been afraid to fly again after some traumatic incident. He meets up with a little girl, and they become friends. I liked it a lot; the little girl is an amazing actress.

Next, we went to 6 pm showing of the Italian comedy The Truth about Love Is . . ., which centers around a young a couple with a troubled marriage. I had already seen it at a press screening, and enjoyed it, but this time I brought J along too. It was good the second time too.


In the evening, we went to the Centerpiece Gala, a party at the Daughters of the American Revolution chapter house ("DAR"). As I wrote last Saturday, although parties and party films are sold as a bundle, one doesn't need to see the film to attend the party, or vice-versa. Since the scheduled film, Landline, was by the same writer-director as the SIFF 2014 film Obvious Child (which I only half-liked and J disliked), we skipped the film.

The party was really good. DAR is a great place for a party of that size, and lots of interesting people were there. The food was catered by Kaspar's (for years a good restaurant, now catering only), and they always seem to do a good job, particularly after getting a handle on the size of crowds SIFF parties draw. There have been years when the Centerpiece Gala food meant really long lines, but this year there was plenty.

One of the party guests was Rodrigo Grande, director of At the End of the Tunnel, one of the best films of the festival. He was a really nice guy, and clearly enjoyed the party.
Update: The film At the End of the Tunnel ended up winning both the SIFF audience-favorite Golden Space Needle award and the Fool Serious favorite vote.

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