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I missed three press screenings, waiting for my floorboards. - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
I missed three press screenings, waiting for my floorboards.
Because my order of floorboards didn't make it on Friday, I had to reschedule. I could have rescheduled them for this coming Friday, but they need time to acclimate to the climate in my house, so I figured better to get them here sooner than later. So I stayed home today, awaiting a delivery scheduled for sometime between 10 am and 2 pm – prime SIFF press screening hours.

However, just because I was stuck at home didn't mean "J" was stuck. I gave her a ride to a bus stop where the bus usually still has seats, and set her on her way to Pacific Place for a day of films, then continued on to take "T" to school. Then I went home to wait.

J said that she liked Gook, a story about two Korean (or maybe Korean-American) brothers in their father's shoe shop on the day of the Rodney King riots.

She didn't much like In the Radiant City, a drama about a man who testifies against his brother after a terrible crime.

She also wasn't impressed with Suzanne Bartsch: on Top, a documentary about a New York City party promoter.

I'll ask her to do guest reviews, but my guess is that she won't have the time.

The floorboards didn't arrive until a little after 5 pm, so as it turned out I could have probably gone to the press screenings and still made it home in time to sign for the delivery.

The delivery guy was friendly, but he didn't listen to my advice on how to get the floorboards down my driveway without a mishap. Having received several similar deliveries, I advised him to turn his pallet jack forks-down, and roll it a few steps down the driveway, then brake by lowering it to a skid, and repeat until it's at the bottom of the driveway. Instead, he insisted on running them down handle-first, braking by steering back and forth. On one of the turns, he kind of lost control, and bashed into my recycle bin, which rolled over some of our flowers. It could have been worse though; at least it ended up at the bottom of the driveway, not too far from the porch.

After the delivery, I hauled the half-ton of floorboards inside. It was quite a lifting task, and my fingers felt pretty close to blistering, though I think they'll be OK. Now five of the boxes are stacked upstairs, and the other ten are stacked downstairs. I need to open the boxes, however, to get the bamboo acclimated to the conditions in this house.

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