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two press screenings, hauling floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two press screenings, hauling floorboards
This morning "J" and I decided to skip the 10 am press screening, Knife in the Clear Water, because reviews suggested that it would be too slow-moving for us to stay awake for that time of day. Buzz in the theater said that it was visually admirable, but indeed slow-moving.

The noon film, American Folk, reminded me of a US version of Once – but remade as a road film with the 9-11 attacks as a significant plot element. It's very good.
Update: On further consideration, I'm upgrading my rating to excellent.

The 2 pm film, The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson, is a documentary about a LGBT (emphasis on the "T") pioneer who was part of Stonewall, and later marginalized along with other trans people by LGBT activists. She died in 1992, either by accident or murder, and police didn't bother to investigate.

After the films, J and I went to the SIFF Lounge happy hour, crowding two friends both named "D" into the car, with "N" from brunch making her own way there.

In the evening, I hauled lots of floorboards (76, I think) from the front hall to the west bedroom and stacked them neatly to help them acclimate to the conditions in our house before I start installing them in the closet and west end of the north bedroom (which serves as an office). In the process, I inspected them, setting aside a fair number (44, I think) of defective floorboards. That defect rate would be unacceptable if not for the low delivery cost ($3 per box of 24) and relaxed return policy, but because I can return the rejects and order more it's merely a moderate hassle to have to inspect them so carefully.

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