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SIFF industry party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
SIFF industry party
The annual SIFF industry party is usually one of my favorites, because it's the one where local film people are most likely to show up, and one that visiting film people are likely to attend if they're still in Seattle. And of course there are always a lot of SIFF staff attending. And our friend "D" was there as a volunteer bartender; she poured a good drink early in the evening, and a nice extra-weak drink later on so I'd be safe to drive.

Two out-of-town film people I met there were the writer-director-editor and the female lead of American Folk – possibly the most delightful film of the festival. (The male lead wasn't there; he was on tour doing his music.) A SIFF programmer I sort-of know saw me wandering around, and waved me over a vacant chair at the table with him and the American Folk. They're wonderful, nice people.

I also talked with a few cool local film people. One who was memorable is a costume designer and set decorator, who I noticed because she was wearing a spectacular dress. When she said she was a costume designer, I had to ask whether the dress was her own work. It wasn't. But it still showed cool taste. (Update:) I saw her again at another event, wearing a different really cool dress.) Another was an actress, who was in the film Wallflower, which already showed a couple of days ago. Now that I've looked it up, I'm disappointed that it didn't fit into my schedule; the topic sounds interesting. Both the costume designer and the actress are named "H".

I ended up staying at the party quite a bit later than I've been out lately, but SIFF is party season for me. Much thanks to "J" for the chance to stay out past our usual bedtime.

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