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Golden Space Needle awards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Golden Space Needle awards
This morning was a party to announce the winners of the Golden Space Needle awards. Perhaps not surprisingly, it was held at the Space Needle, though not all the way at the top. There's a triangular platform elevated from the ground, but still in the lower half of the structure, and there's a meeting room space there.

"J" and I arrived very early, because it was our first time attending and the invitation was a bit unclear. The Space Needle ground floor staff didn't even know where to have us wait in line when J first arrived. (I took a while longer because I had a bit of a walk back from where I parked.) We were on the first elevator up to the party level, and chose a table with a view of the EMP building and Capitol Hill in the distance. Several of our friends joined us at that table.

The breakfast was abundant, and all of it was delicious except (somewhat surprisingly) the salmon. They overcooked the expensive king salmon so badly that it was dried out. I had seconds of the fruit and pastries, but not the unfortunate salmon.

The award presentation was pretty conventional. SIFF Artistic Director Beth Barrett moderated, announcing all of the thanks and I think some of the awards, and turning over the microphone to others to announce some categories of awards.

The official Golden Space Needle awards overlapped pretty closely with the unofficial Fool Serious awards. The official awards include audience awards, chosen on some 88000 ballots (if I remember the figure correctly), and jury awards chosen by small panels with sometimes-quirky tastes. The Fool Serious awards are chosen by a few hundred "Fools" who saw at least 20 films at SIFF this year. It's a good sign when the official audience awards align with the Fools' awards.

The top winner, At the End of the Tunnel, was one of my favorites.

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