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SIFF going-away party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
SIFF going-away party
Every year, there are people who come to Seattle to attend SIFF, and some are here every year, and get to know the regulars who live here. So, some years ago, a tradition developed of having a going-away party for the out-of-town people, on the evening after the closing night party. Also by tradition, the party takes place at a Chinese restaurant. This year's party had about 60 guests, I think about 20 of which are from somewhere far away.

The one I know best, "D", lives in Hawaii part of the year. The one I've know longest, "K", lives in the Los Angeles area; during the almost-year that I lived in West Hollywood, he lived less than a mile away, though we didn't know we were near-neighbors until I had moved back to Seattle. And this evening I talked to "C", who comes with her husband to Seattle every year from Virginia. (I've known her for a while, but didn't remember where she lived.) There's also a couple who comes from Florida, but I don't know whether they made it this year.

Anyway, "J" and I and "T" went again this year, picking up "N" on the way. Traffic was miserable, for no obvious reason other than it's Seattle and we were contending with rush hour (which in this case was rush two-hour). We were late, but it's an unhurried event, so the only consequence was that we sat with others who had bad luck with the traffic.

The food was chosen by "M", who is (or maybe was) a caterer specializing in Chinese food. She didn't cater the dinner – she wanted to have some time to enjoy the party – but she coordinated the meals with the restaurant. D also participated in the party organizing.

Anyway, I liked the food a lot, and T seemed to appreciate it too. But the real fun of the evening was seeing lots of people we see at movies, and may or may not have talked with in the lines.

Same time next year, film festival friends!

Note to myself:

SIFF statistics: 68 films (67 features, one short), 67 slots (including one panel), eight parties, including this evening. ("J": 46 features and seven shorts, five parties.)

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