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brunch, Best of SIFF - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, Best of SIFF
This afternoon "T" and I went to the usual Sunday brunch; "J" stayed home to work on various things she wanted to get done. T hadn't gone in a while, but enjoyed seeing the gang again. In addition to the usual people ("M", "N", another "J", and late-arriving "C"), we had the occasional participants "J" (yet another) and her husband "B". We were back at the Thai restaurant that had been so slow last time, but they had their act together again this time, so it seems last time was an aberration. Conversation was good too, but T sometimes hogged the spotlight.

It the evening, after T and I had returned home and settled down to relax, J remembered that my brother and sister-in-law had planned to visit T, and that we had planned to see a Best of SIFF film. We scrambled to get ready, accomplished out preparations quickly enough, and headed for the Uptown. Parking in the SIFF lot was easy.

The film itself, In Syria, was amazingly suspenseful, and took place entirely within the main characters' apartment, plus (briefly) some space within the view outside their window. The sounds of war waxed and waned outside, through the course of the day. The acting was excellent throughout. I read that everyone in the small cast had lived in a war-torn country. The film was excellent, and deserved inclusion in the "Best of SIFF" series.

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