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home cooking - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
home cooking
This morning "A" visited for a while, and in telling her about all the groceries we had in the house, I was inspired to do some cooking from an experimental recipe. I chopped up lots of vegetables – grape tomatoes, squash, and a little fresh basil – and cooked them (enough, but not too much) in a frying pan, boiled some fresh raviolini, and then some broccoli in the same hot water, and mixed it all together with some pesto. About the only thing that went wrong was that some of the pasta ended up sticking together in the bowl where I put it while I boiled up the broccoli. That recipe is a keeper.

In the evening, "J" had a meeting with friends. The hosts will be moving away soon, so we may not see their modest house or beautiful garden again. T and I hung out together and ran an errand while J was busy, but we were invited in to say high to her friends later in the evening. They're a nice bunch.


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