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exercise, a good experimental recipe - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
exercise, a good experimental recipe

This afternoon, "J" and I finally made it to the gym again. It's been a while. After a warm-up, I did an upper body work-out. J did a lot of aerobics on the elliptical machine. Before I intended to call it quits, I discovered that my phone stylus had disappeared, and I got caught up in looking around the weight machine and lifting bench I had used, and the space in between, searching for the stylus. I didn't find it, but the searching shortened my work-out a bit.

Later, J made an experimental recipe: a black bean and corn cake, with avocado and served over a salad. It was delicious. I think we have another winner for the successful experiment file.

I got some more exercise on a walk with "T" after picking him up from school. We hung out at a park for a while too, enjoying the nice weather.

My warm-up was 0.75 mile in 6:34 minutes:seconds, 90 kcal, about 7.0 miles per hour.
At the pectoral fly and rear deltoid machine, I did 15 repetitions each at 100#, hands vertical on the bar.
On the bench, I did 15 repetitions each of bench presses and skull-crushers, with a 40# barbell.

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