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the last six films of SIFF 2017 - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
the last six films of SIFF 2017
Today SIFF 2017 ended for real: the final Best of SIFF presentation ran this afternoon. It was a collection of six short films, and I was quite pleased with them. "J" wasn't able to go (and was less interested in a shorts series after one that rather disappointed her earlier in the festival); much thanks to her for encouraging me to go without her. After picking up "T" at school, I had a rush to get to the Uptown, but got lucky on parking (aside from having to update my credit card on the pay-by-phone parking meter app). My year-round SIFF pass was good for admission.

These were the films:

  • Defend the Sacred — A collection of personality profiles of people who joined the protests against the oil pipeline by Standing Rock. Although I admired the protesters' tenacity, I found this short film rather dull.
  • Refugee — Many people from Mauritania were forced from their homes to refugee camps in Senegal. The woman featured in the film managed to make it to the US, and dedicated herself to bringing her children to the US with her. Unlike some refugee documentaries, it appeared that the film-makers didn't change the course of events that would have happened if they had not been present. Very good, in spite of generic music.
  • Pussy (Cipka) — Often film school projects are forgettable, but this animated Polish film is excellent. Not appropriate for children.
  • Women&Wine (Kvinner&Cava) — This Norwegian film features a surprise 50th birthday party for a woman, arranged by old friends. I rate it almost good.
  • Einstein–Rosen — In this Spanish film, a boy tries to convince his brother that he has discovered a wormhole. It takes him many years to persuade him. Excellent.
  • The Stunt Manual — A man buys a classic car, is pursued by police, and discovers that the car is more than it seems. The animation style is something I can't recall seeing before, and the sound design is great, and the film as a whole is excellent.

Besides watching shorts, I worked on film reviews. I doubt I'll ever get around to reviewing the whole season, but I'll see how many I can manage to do.

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