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brunch, very hot weather - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, very hot weather
This afternoon, "T" and I went to Sunday brunch; "J" stayed home to catch up on things she wanted to get done. There was no clear consensus about where we were to meet, so I guessed and went to the same Thai restaurant as last Sunday. I didn't see any of the regulars, and checked my e-mail. There was a new message asking about the Indian restaurant we frequently go for brunch, so I headed there. The other usual "J" was there already, so I figured that was the place. Before long "N" and "C" arrived too. ("M" had said he was going to Pride instead.) The conversation was good, and the food was good.

After brunch, T and I headed back to the car, and saw M by chance; he was back from Pride. He was even more vibrantly colored than usual, and I took a few pictures to share with him if they turned out (which they didn't, at least not very well). We talked a little while, then went on with our afternoons.

By the time we got home, the temperature was so high that I doubted the figure on my phone's weather app. I double-checked against my weather station (which works locally, but hasn't been updating to Weather Underground for a while), and it said the temperature was 94°F (about 34°C) – extremely hot for Seattle. (People in the southwest are probably laughing; it was 125°F [52°C] in Needles CA last week.)

I ran a couple of errands, but the rest of the day we've been at home, avoiding much of anything that would subject us to the extreme heat. In the evening, the temperature in the house had reached 80°F (about 27°C), which was miserable without any breeze. I was already considering starting up the air conditioner when J requested it, and went ahead right away when she did. That was a big relief; even though I only set it to 77°F (25°C), it still felt a lot more comfortable.

Most people in Seattle don't even have air conditioning. I only have it because this house was once very exposed on the south and west, and got unbearably hot on any long sunny day. Trees grew tall enough to offer shade, so the air conditioning was a lot less important; some years I didn't use it at all. But today it was too hot to go without it.

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