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train station, pressure washing, photos, heavy metal - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
train station, pressure washing, photos, heavy metal

Today "J" needed to go to a meeting in Lacey, which meant a complicated morning for everyone. First we gave "T" a ride to school, then I drove J to the train station in downtown Seattle. From there she rode the train to Olympia, then a bus connection to Lacey.

My first big project for the day was to pressure was the cobbled path in front of our house. There was a lot of moss growing in the sand in the gaps between the cobblestones, and some on the cobbles themselves. I blasted away until it was all gone (actually I missed a few spots), and even washed the cedar boardwalk, which had some algae.

My other big job was to clear space from my phone and camera data chip, and get them onto my computer where they'll back up properly. Having the office in disarray from the floor work didn't help; the chair for my desktop "Rivendell" was in a pretty cramped spot. The slowest part of the task, however, was getting caught up in looking at the pictures.

Late in the evening, I went to pick up J at the train station; the train had been delayed two hours. She could hear a lot of the Metallica concert at the football and soccer stadium; I heard a little. The train station was clogged with taxis waiting for passengers after the concert, made it messy to pick up J, but we got out before the metal-head hordes left.

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