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going away gift, visitors, house-sitting, a long day of packing - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
going away gift, visitors, house-sitting, a long day of packing

Today was the last day of school for "T"; after the travels he'll have a break, then try out a different school. He received a nice going away gift from a fellow student, "Z", whose mother "I" works at the school.

"J" and I did lots of packing, working on it pretty much all day. We've both been pretty tired, and we were dragging a bit, which slowed the work.

At some point in the day, my phone popped up a message that our flight had been delayed, from the scheduled 11:59 pm to 3:02 am. That was not entirely unwelcome; it gave us more time to pack and re-check our list of things to bring. J called the taxi (or maybe town car) company to adjust our pick-up time; they were fine with the change.

My brother and sister-in-law are going to water our plants while we're away, so they visited for training. I also saw our south next-door neighbor, and asked if she would give the tomatoes extra water if they drooped in the heat, and said she could try the tomatoes if they were ripe.

To save ourselves some cleaning up time, J ordered a pizza. It was yummy.

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