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red-eye flight to Boston, bus to Dover NH, ride to in-laws' in Maine - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
red-eye flight to Boston, bus to Dover NH, ride to in-laws' in Maine

We started the day on the way to the airport, for our red-eye flight, which was delayed three hours. The taxi (or town car) ride was nice. We'll call them again for the ride home.

SeaTac is pretty quiet after midnight. TSA Precheck was only partly in operation; we had to show the laptop, but didn't have to take off our boots.

We relaxed and dozed a bit waiting for the plane. Boarding was smooth, and the plane wasn't completely full. I slept through much of the flight; "J" slept less. My worst mishap was a lost phone stylus; I've already ordered another one. J realized that she had left her Fitbit charger home,

Boston airport was less chaotic than usual – pretty smooth, actually. Our C&J bus, from Logan to Dover, went well too.

J's parents picked us up. Their vehicle was pretty full.

At their house, they treated us to sub sandwiches. J and her mother went out to find a new Fitbit charger, and returned later with success.

For the rest of the day we just relaxed and talked, trying to adjust to the time zone change and the disruption of sleep from the overnight flight.

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