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New Hampshire mountains, dark skies, more Perseid meteors - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
New Hampshire mountains, dark skies, more Perseid meteors
We started the day in Maine, but "J" and I slept rather late due to jet lag, but set to the task of packing for the trip into the New Hampshire mountains.

New Hampshire

J's father "R" did the driving. His small SUV was packed, with lots of luggage and all of us. The drive went smoothly. J's mother "L" did most of the talking along the way.

We stopped for lunch at a place called 99, part of a regional chain. It's similar to Red Robin. J and I ordered spicy black bean burgers. It was quite spicy, near my limit for spicy food. Oddly, it was spicier than J liked; usually she can take spicier food than I like.

Check-in at the resort was a bit confusing; only J and I saw the sign that said that the office was on the opposite side of the highway from the cabins, and neither of us spoke up right away. But the check-in itself was easy.

Funny: the place we're staying is named "Nordic Village Resort", and a lot of the buildings are named for Scandinavian cities, but several are named for German, Austrian, or Swiss cities. Our building is "Munich".

Our rooms were big – unnecessarily big. J and I had a two bedroom suite, and R and L had a one bedroom suite. The view was spectacular. Update: we explored the rest of the resort later, and found that our building (and possibly the adjacent one, "Lillehammer", named for an actual Nordic town) had the best view of any in the resort.

The entertainment included a bonfire, with plenty of smoky wood reminiscent of the air in Seattle from the BC wildfires. There were people costumed as Cinderella, Little Bo Peep, and the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. There was a fish pond with huge koi; I don't know how they kept the wild animals from feasting on them.

Evening dinner was cheese sticks and crackers; J and I hadn't packed much food. Oops! At least lunch had been a lot of food.

Perseid meteors!

A highlight was the night sky. There was a bit much glare from windows and over-door lights, but the sky itself was dark. We borrowed pillows from the room and laid back of the grass where most of the lights were behind is and watched meteors. We had nothing outstanding like last night's brilliant fireball, but we saw a lot more in the dark, mostly-clear sky. There were a few meteors bright enough to leave trails that lingered for a few seconds. It was nice.

After J headed inside, I looked around a little with my 7×50 binoculars. The Andromeda galaxy was the best treat; I think the double cluster in Perseus and the "coathanger" asterism would have been better in bigger binoculars.

It's been a nice day and night.

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