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Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
goodbyes, returning the car, bus to Boston, easy boarding our flight home

8:05 pm Eastern Time

This morning, "J" and I started the day with breakfast at the hotel. We packed everything and double checked that everything was out of the room, then returned the keys.

I drove to J's parents' house. There we moved a lot of our things to their small SUV, and weighed our two big bags; both were well under the limit. J's father "R" and I drove to the rental car office and we returned the Jetta. He drove me back in his cool Mustang convertible.

J's sister and her family arrived while R and I were out. It was nice to see them again one more time before departure. J's mother "L" had prepared a delicious quiche, which all (or at least most) of us enjoyed.

Around the time to leave for our bus, J said that it was time to leave. We packed up the last of our things in a ridiculous rush, with no time for anything resembling a double-check, said a few rushed goodbyes, and headed out with R driving.

Update: unsurprisingly, we left a few things behind in our rush to get out the door. But none of it was anything we'll miss too much, and R was going to mail a few things that didn't fit in our bags anyway. (We were OK on weight, but the bags were pretty stuffed.) The things we left by mistake can go with the things that didn't fit.

Soon, we arrived at the bus station. The bus was still there. We had a moment to board – but no time for our mountain of luggage. We would have to wait for the next bus. Fortunately, we had plenty of time to spare. We unloaded our things from R's SUV, said our goodbyes, and parked ourselves for a wait. The station manager offered us our pick of snacks, since the snack bar was closing and they'll be stale tomorrow.

When it was time for the next bus, we were ready. I had the under-bus bags in one row, the carry-on things in another, and we were lined up.

The ride to Boston Logan went smoothly. I dozed a little on the bus, due to both exhaustion and low batteries on my phone, which meant that I couldn't keep myself awake by writing.

At the airport we unloaded our stuff, rearranged things between checked and carry-on bags, and checked our two big bags.

We went through the security checkpoint, which was about the quickest we've ever seen. Applause to the Boston TSA. We went to one waiting area, had a decent meal, and waited a little more.

When boarding time arrived, we got to board early because J paid a little extra for "Even More Space" seats. I think we were the first passengers aboard, seated in the front row. We can relax.

Afterthought: as it turned out, we probably could have done without the premium seats, because the plane had quite a few vacant seats – strange in this day of really careful load management. But I didn't visit the back of the plane, so maybe the only vacant seats were in the premium section anyway.

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