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catching up, leftovers, walking a dog, parents - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
catching up, leftovers, walking a dog, parents

Today was another day of catching up on things after the travel. It wasn't just boring obligations; we did some fun things too. I spent a lot of time cleaning up my journal, turning sloppy writing on the trip into something presentable. There's more of that to do, but if anyone still reads my journal, some of it's there to read. And if not, it's written up well enough that I can relive the travel later. J's fun catch-up was writing several letters.

We didn't have a lot of food in the house, since we tried to clear things out before the trip. One item was some old pasta pesto salad from before we left; I finished it mostly because I didn't want the expensive pine nuts to go to waste. It was enough for a whole day of meals, but I don't think I want pesto salad again right away. J had something better: her own delicious fresh tortellini and tofurkey soup from yesterday. Good as it was, I think she may have had enough for a while.

One little errand we made was to walk a dog for our friend "K" and her daughter "M". K had a house-sitter who was there to keep the dog company, but he wasn't feeling well yesterday, and was pleased to let us do the dog walking again today even though he was feeling better today.

My parents visited too, glad to see J and I and "T" again after a while. We had some things that we could have sent back to Bellevue with them for my brother and his wife, but we forgot to send them. We hadn't bought them any travel souvenirs; they aren't so much into them.

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