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scheduling things, paperwork, cuckoo clocks - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
scheduling things, paperwork, cuckoo clocks

This morning I was worried that I had double scheduled myself for today. "J" and I had a business meeting in the morning, and I had a notice in my phone calendar that I had a car maintenance appointment sometime today – but I didn't have a time attached to the car appointment. I phoned the car maintenance place: no record of an appointment. Aha! I must have put the reminder in to schedule an appointment. So I scheduled one for next Friday. Problem solved.

The next thing on the agenda was obvious: the business meeting. And it turned out to be even easier than I had expected, because it turned out to be a phone meeting, saving us a drive.

In the afternoon, we delivered paperwork for "T" so he can start at his new school. The receptionist at the school was puzzled that the school's social media check box was marked "no". T has said that he doesn't want to be on Facebook several times, so the school's social media is also a "no".

I also remembered that my cuckoo clock was in the repair shop, so we went there on the same trip. I asked about it, since I hadn't heard from the shop since before our recent trip. They had it on the wall waiting for me, and said that although they couldn't figure out the problem – the bird sometimes backed all the way into the clock and closed the door between "cuckoo" peeps, rather than leaving the door open through an entire series of peeps. However, the clock, with the new movement that the same shop installed early this year, kept good time, and cuckoo sounded correctly except for the quirky door, so it's OK as is. Since it was back after the new movement, and they hadn't resolved the puzzle, they didn't charge for the attempted diagnosis.

We also talked about my father-in-law's many antique clocks, which I had seen in his shop. One memorable clock there was a gilded ceramic clock that was a 19th century reproduction of an even older original. Father-in-law "R" had sold it to someone who was not able to pay immediately, so the buyer had instead paid in installments over about two years. But after making the final payment, the buyer never showed up to take home the clock, The store had a few similar incidents. I probably could have hung around and talked longer, since they weren't busy (except the clock-maker, busy repairing something), but I didn't want to keep J and T waiting.

For dinner we had a lazy food stand-by, salmon burgers.

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