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unpacking and inspecting floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
unpacking and inspecting floorboards

Today I spent a lot of time unpacking and inspecting the new load of floorboards. I started by also trying to lay out the boards to go with the last row of previously selected boards. I didn't do that in the office because there's not really room. Anticipating that, I left one selected row in position, but not nailed down. So now, I can lay out boards in an uncrowded room instead; the fireplace room works well.

Update: It turns out that not nailing down the last row was a lucky move. One of the boards, Row 42 #1, turned out to have a tongue that was too thick for regular grooves. So rather than having to cut a couple of Row 43 boards' grooves wider, I could just choose a different board – and the one I found looks nicer anyway.

After a while, I decided that the layout process was not a practical use of time yet, because for best results I should be selecting from all the floorboards I have to work with: the eight new boxes, plus the stacks left over from previous deliveries.

I'm halfway through the opening and inspecting process, but it was slowing down the unboxing,


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