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new visitor, big celebration - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
new visitor, big celebration

This morning, "J" had a visitor, her friend "M" (the first time I've mentioned this M"). She had a bit of brunch with us, and hung around until it was time to leave for an afternoon event. J gave M a tour of the garden.

M also took a look at a Linux problem I've been ignoring for a while. I haven't tried out her suggestions yet, because I would have to move my network-attached storage box to the temporary desk where I have the Linux laptop.

The afternoon event was a celebration for J's (and M's) friend "C". (This wasn't the usual Sunday brunch "C"; we had to skip the regular brunch for this.) C was celebrating a major life goal, and 30 or more of her friends and acquaintances attended the celebration. Although I don't know C all that well, I know that this was a big event for her, and attending was a good way to show respect for one of J's friends.

I only knew maybe a third of the people celebrating, but that left enough people I knew that I didn't feel out of place, and the strangers were all friendly anyway. There was a variety of nice snacks after the ceremony.

In the evening we went to Bellevue to give "T" a ride home, and visit my parents. They were doing well.

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