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lobby conversation, selecting floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
lobby conversation, selecting floorboards

This morning was another short day for "T" at his new school. I drove and "J" came along for the ride. It was too smoky and too hot to wait around outside the school, so we relaxed in the reception area, talking with another guy. He was an interesting character, who liked to talk more than listen.

After returning home, I spent most of the day working on the floors. First I combined boards with minor defects into stacks sorted by the location of the defects, so that I can cut them into wall pieces. In best cases, I can cut a board as a wall piece for one wall, and cut off the defect, leaving a wall piece for the opposite wall, with about 3½ inches (9 cm) of scrap that includes the defect. The system of selecting wall floorboards first worked well enough on the previous phase of the room, so I'm doing it again.

After the sorting by defect locations, I chose which boards would be the end pieces for about half of the remaining north and south walls of the office (or north bedroom). All of those selections are laid out in the fireplace room, along with stacks of boards without defects that I noticed. The room is quite a mess.

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